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What is sawdust briquette?

Saw dust is basically the remains obtained as by-product while manufacturing wooden objects like furniture, tables etc. Being extremely flammable, saw dust can be the best option for utilizing them as power source by converting them into sawdust briquette. Special briquetting machines are available for manufacturing these briquettes. They are a solution to the problem of wooden waste and effective utilization for energy resource. These briquettes are used to process saw dust, stalk, weed and straw into pellet, piece and stalk. They are used for heating, in boilers or cooking.

sawdust briquette manufacturerFeatures:

  • Unblemished performance
  • Long lasting
  • Less cost
  • Low noise
  • No air pollution
  • High efficiency
  • Optimum output

Sawdust briquetting machines are available to manufacture top quality briquettes. They are easy to handle and operate, and are available in various prices and customization as per the size of briquette needed by the person. The main advantage of these briquette is that they save energy, are efficient and are highly eco friendly.

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