Why Briquettes Known as Binder Less Technology

Manufacturing of Briquettes from Briquetting Equipments , Plants, this process of making briquettes is easy and do not require any chemical , or binder to bind the raw material and produce wholly eco friendly briquettes.  So this technology is known as binder less technology as all material or waste products used is available from nature and 100% pure as it is recycled form of energy. As Briquettes available is eco-friendly and is used as optional source of energy from costly charcoal, oil, kerosene, etc for ignite, purpose as other  source of power energy in huge industries.

Biomass energy

Nowaday’s  global warming is effecting in the world so to decrease the pollution and control environment , peoples are getting aware of eco-friendly and reused, recycled type of energy which we get easily from nature and also get dump into earth as fossil.

Which type of Industries uses Briquettes?


JK Group is from years in this field to convert agro, industrial, forestry waste into useable form of biomass briquettes , we manufacture Biomass Briquetting, Agro Briquette Machine Plant for better environmental , ecofriendly and useful to industries.Biomass briqueeting

biomass briquetting As due to Global warming now a day’s pollution increasing day by day so to reduce pollution we do not have any other option as coal, petrol, lignite that are costly and also spread pollution in the environment, also that can’t be reused, re-cycle. Which once used can’t produce again as due to scarcity .While Biomass Briquettes are renewable, innovative way to provide huge source of energy in economical way. So there is more use in various Industries where we can use briquettes

Industries Used Briquettes?

• Solvent Extraction Plant
• Chemical Industry
• Dyeing Plants
• Milk Plants
• Food Processing Industries
• Lamination Industries
• Leather Industries
• Brick Making Units
• Other Industries


  • For long time Biomass Briquettes can be stored and Used
  • Renewable, Recycled Form of Energy
  • Trash to Cash it is converted (briquettes)